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Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Community History Collection
Alexander Morton - Records
Gustav Weindorfer - Records
Herbert Hedley Scott - Records
John Franklin - Records
Robert Lawrence - Records
Ronald Campbell Gunn - Records
Queensland Department of Education
Sydney Barber Josiah Skertchly - Records
Queensland Department of Primary Industry, Indooroopilly
Henry Tryon - Records
Queensland Herbarium
Arthur Temple Clark - Records
Charles Augustus Leaver - Records
Cyril Tenison White - Records
Frederick Manson Bailey - Records
John (1) Bailey - Records
John Carne Bidwill - Records
John Frederick Bailey - Records
L. Pedley - Records
Leonard J. Webb - Records
Leonard G. Dovey - Records
Leonard J. Brass - Records
Lindsay S. Smith - Records
Mary Strong Clemens - Records
Robert W. Johnson - Records
S.F. Kajewski - Records
Selwyn L. Everist - Records
Stanley T. Blake - Records
Sydney Barber Josiah Skertchly - Records
Trevor Hunt - Records
Walter Harrison - Records
Walter Hill - Records
William Douglas Francis - Records
Queensland Museum Archives
James Douglas Ogilby - Records
Queensland Museum Library
Charles Coxen - Records
Charles Walter De Vis - Records
Christopher D'Oyly Hale Aplin - Records
George Mack - Records
Heber Albert Longman - Records
Karl Theodor Staiger - Records
Kendall Broadbent - Records
Ronald Hamlyn-Harris - Records
Queensland State Archives
Ellen Barron - Records
Ernest Sandford Jackson - Records
Florence Chatfield - Records
Henry Tryon - Records
John Edward Stacy - Records
John Mathew - Records
Louis Lawrence Smith - Records
Luigi Maria D'Albertis - Records
Sydney Barber Josiah Skertchly - Records
Walter Edmund Roth - Records
William Alexander Jenyns Boyd - Records