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Event Chevert Expedition (1875)

18 May 1875
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
September 1875


The Chevert Expedition was financed and led by William Macleay for the purpose of collecting natural history specimens on islands in the Torres Strait and New Guinea. Departing from Sydney on 18 May 1875, the Expedition returned in September. It was the first Australian scientific expedition to visit another country. Scientific personnel included John Brazier, William Petterd and Edward Spalding (zoological collectors), Thomas Reedy (botanical collector), and William James (doctor). Also on board was Arthur Onslow, Macleay's cousin. The Expedition was considered successful because of the many scientific specimens collected: approximately 1,000 birds, 800 fish, reptiles, insects. molluscs, plants and ethnographic objects. These became part of the Macleay Museum's collections. At the conclusion of the Expedition some of the scientific personnel returned to New Guinea to continue collecting.

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