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Biographical entry Moscal, Antonius Mircea (Tony) (1928 - 2017)

16 March 1928
Bukovina, Romania
21 May 2017
Tasmania, Australia
Botanist and House painter


Tony Moscal was a house painter and botanist whose early interest in plants was revived when soon after arriving in Tasmania he started to explore the remote parts of the State. He became particularly interested in the endemic flora which led to a long-time association with the Tasmania Herbarium. Moscal focussed increasingly on bryophytes and in retirement became a fixture at the Tasmanian Herbarium while he identified and curated his specimens. He was co-author of several landmark publications on Tasmania's endemic and endangered flora including Atlas of mosses and liverworts in Tasmania (1987) and An atlas of Tasmania's endemic flora (1983). Moscal's collections of over 31,000 specimens, many rarely collected and from very remote locations, is in the Tasmanian Herbarium.



Life event - Migrated to Tasmania

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  • Buchanan, Alex, Kantvilas, Gintaras, Cave, Lyn and Baker, Matt, 'Antonius (Tony) Mircea Moscal 16 March 1929 - 21 May 2017', Australasian Systematic Botany Society Newsletter, vol. 171, 2017, pp. 43-5. Details

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