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Biographical entry English, Anthony William (Tony) (1943 - 2015)

8 July 2015
Cobbitty, New South Wales, Australia


Tony English established himself as Australia's foremost expert on the health and management of deer, in both the deer farming industry and in wild populations. He frequently provided advice to government agencies. In 1978 he established the University of Sydney Deer Research Unit at the Camden campus, the first of kind in Australia. He actively promoted veterinary conservation biology, which stresses the need for effective multidisciplinary teams in addressing biodiversity conservation problems. English was actively involved in the training of Australia's zoo veterinarians, and in conducting courses in the capture and handling of wild animals. He was also instrumental in the establishment of the Wildlife Health and Conservation Centre (WHCC) at the Camden campus, another Australian first and one of only a handful of university-based veterinary wildlife centres in the world.



1965 - 2015
Career position - Member, Australian Veterinary Association
Education - BVSc, University of Queensland
Education - PhD, University of Queensland
1980 - 2005
Career position - Chairman, Wildlife Studies Committee, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney
1990 - 2015
Career position - Fellow, Australian College of Veterinary Scientists
1992 - 2003
Career position - Founder and inaugural President, Australian Veterinary Conservation Biologists (AVCB)
1992 - 2005
Career position - Member, Australian Veterinary Association Policy Advisory Council representing the Australian Veterinary Conservation
1999 - 2000
Career position - Acting Head, Department of Animal Health, University of Sydney
2000 - 2003
Career position - Chairman, World Association of Wildlife Veterinarians
2000 - 2005
Career position - Sub-Dean, Camden Campus, Department of Animal Health, University of Sydney
Award - Fellow, Australian Veterinary Association
2002 - 2005
Career position - Associate Professor, Veterinary Conservation Biology, University of Sydney
2002 - 2005
Career position - Director, Wildlife Health and Conservation Centre, University of Sydney
Life event - Retired
Award - Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for service to veterinary science in the field of wildlife health and conservation through research, education and professional organisations, and to the deer industry in Australia
2006 - 2012
Career position - Honorary Associate Professor, University of Sydney
2006 - 2015
Award - Life Member, Australian Veterinary Association
2007 - 2008
Career position - President, Australian Veterinary Conservation Biologists (AVCB)
Award - Gilruth Prize, Australian Veterinary Association
Career position - Member, Alpaca and Deer Biosecurity Management Group, New South Wales Department of Primary Industries
2008 - 2015
Award - Honorary Life Member, Deer Industry Association of Australia
2009 - 2015
Award - Chartered Member, Australian Veterinary Association

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  • Cartmill, B., 'Anthony William English AM RFD BVSc (Hons) PhD FACVs 1943 - 2015', Australian Veterinary Journal, 94 (8) (2016), 263-4. Details


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