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Biographical entry Potts, Bradley


Biogeographer and Eucalypt geneticist


As a plant geneticist at the University of Tasmania, Bradley Potts has researched the genetics of eucalypts, including evolutionary relationships and phylogeography, conservation genetics, adaptation, gene pool utilization and genetic pollution. His publication list on eucalypt genetics is extensive. A selection of publications is listed here.



Career position - Appointment as plant geneticist, University of Tasmania
Award - Clarke Medal, Royal Society of New South Wales
Award - Clive Lord Memorial Medal, Royal Society of Tasmania

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Published resources

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  • Wiltshire, R.J.E. and Potts, B.M., EucaFlip - Life-size guide to the eucalypts of Tasmania. (Hobart: University of Tasmania, 2007), 32 pp. Details

Book Sections

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Journal Articles

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