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Biographical entry Latz, Peter Kenneth (1941 - )

Agrostologist and Botanist


Peter Latz developed the collection of the Alice Springs Herbarium, together with David Albrecht, with important arid Northern Territory specimen from the Darwin Herbarium. Peter Latz has published articles and books on Australian plants, particularly on grasses and arid vegetation.

Related Corporate Bodies

  • Northern Territory Herbarium (1954 - )

    Contributed to building up the Alice Springs Herbarium by collecting and retrieving important arid Northern Territory collections from the Darwin Herbarium.

    Date: 1993 -

Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions


  • Maconochie, J. R. (John Richard); Latz, P. K. (Peter Kenneth); Nelson, D. J. (Desmond J.) & Mass, Nuri, Australian plants, Society for Growing Australian Plants, Picnic Point, NSW, 1974, 46 pp. Details

Conference Papers

  • Latz, P. K., 'The ecological implications of current trends in the use of Aboriginal controlled arid lands: future land use trends and possibilities', in John Messer & Geoff Mosley (ed.), What future for Australia's arid lands? : proceedings of the National Arid Lands Conference, Broken Hill, New South Wales, May 21-25, 1982, Australia Conservation Foundation, Hawthorn, VIC, 1983, pp. 163-164. Details

Journal Articles

  • Clarke, Peter J; Latz, Peter K.; Albrecht, David E., 'Long-term changes in semi-arid vegetation: Invasion of an exotic perennial grass has larger effects than rainfall variability.', Journal of Vegetation Science, vol. 16, no. 2, 2005, pp. 237-248. Details
  • Woinarski, J. C. Z; Brennan, K; Cowie, I; Fisher, A; Latz, P. K & Russell-Smith, J, 'Vegetation of the Wessel and English Company Islands, North-eastern Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia', Australian Journal of Botany, vol. 48, no. 1, 2000, pp. 115-141. Details


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