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Biographical entry Wang, Ming-Bo (1962 - )

25 March 1962
Ji An, China
Geneticist and Plant biochemist


In 1997 Ming-Bo Wang and fellow CSIRO Plant Industry research scientist Peter Waterhouse discovered the process for 'silencing' genes in plants, thus opening up the ability to decode the different uses of each gene and modify the genes of plants for various purposes. For this discovery, the two won the 2007 Prime Minister's Prize for Science.


Wang moved to Australia in 1994 to take up a postdoctoral position with Waterhouse, and by 2009 was a Principal Research Scientist in the Plant Industry division, leading research into plant RNA silencing and its possible implications.


1980 - 1984
Education - Bachelor of Chemistry, Beijing (Peking) University, China
Education - Masters of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
1987 - 1990
Career position - Junior researcher, Biotechnology Research Centre, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
1990 - 1994
Education - PhD in plant molecular biology, University of Durham in UK
1994 - c. 1998
Career position - Postdoctoral Fellow, Cooperative Research Centre for Plant Sciences
1998 -
Career position - Research Scientist, later Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO Division of Plant Industry
Award - CSIRO Plant Industry Chief's Award
Award - Prime Minister's Prize for Science with Peter Waterhouse
Award - Winner of The Bulletin's Smartest Scientists in Australia with Peter Waterhouse

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