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Biographical entry Milner, Samuel Roslington (Ross) (1875 - 1958)


22 August 1875
Dodworth, United Kingdom
12 August 1958
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Educator and Physicist


Ross Milner was an English physicist with a strong interest in the physics of electrolytes and electro-magnetic fields. He lectured in physics at both Manchester and Sheffield Universities. From 1917 until his retirement in 1940 he held the position of Chair of Physics at Sheffield University. In 1952, he emigrated with his wife to Sydney, Australia to join their son, Christopher J. Milner, who had taken up the position of Chair of Applied Physics at the University of New South Wales.



c. 1890 - ?
Award - Awarded 1851 Scholarship to continue studies in Physics
1897 - 1898
Education - Doctoral Research at Institüt für Physikalische Chemie at the University of Göttingen
1898 - 1900
Career position - Demonstrator in physics at Owens College, Manchester, England
1901 - c. 1914
Career position - Lecturer in Physics at Firth College (later Sheffield University),
1914 - c. 1917
Career event - Assistant radiographer to the Third Northern General Hospital
1917 - 1940
Career position - Chair of Physics at Sheffield University, England
Career event - Made Professor of Physics, Sheffield University, England
Award - Elected Fellow of the Royal Society
Career event - Retired from position at Sheffield University

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