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Biographical entry Nicholls, Edward Dunham Brooke (Brooke) (1877 - 1937)

11 February 1877
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
23 November 1937
Dentist, Writer and Ornithologist


Brooke Nicholls was trained as a dentist but he eventually gave up dentistry for natural history writing. He wrote two nature stories for children, Jacko, the Broadcasting Kookaburra: his Life and Adventures (1933) and The Amazing Adventures of Billy Penguin (1934) and travel stories, including Blue Coast Caravan (1935, jointly with Frank Dalby Davison).


Born Melbourne, 11 February 1877. Died Auburn, Victoria, 23 November 1937. Educated University of Melbourne (Doctor of Dental Science). Did original work in dental anatomy, but eventually gave up dentistry for writing. A Director of the Melbourne Zoo and a founder of the Gould League of Bird Lovers of Victoria. Pioneer cinematic photographer in the Australian outback. Two of his films, The Living Heart of Australia and Great Barrier Coral Reef were shown commercially in 1923. A literary naturalist who wrote articles for The Emu, The Herald (Melbourne) and other newspapers and magazines and gave broadcasts for the Australian Broadcasting Commission in the late 1920s. Commemorated by a sundial in the grounds of the Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary.

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  • Robin, Libby, The Flight of the Emu: a Hundred Years of Australian Ornithology 1901-2001, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, 2001, 492 pp. Details

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