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Biographical entry McCulloch, Ellen Margery (1930 - 2005)


23 April 1930
Belgrave, Victoria, Australia
13 November 2005


Ellen McCulloch was a long-term member, Honorary Secretary (1975-1982) and Public Relations Officer of the Bird Observers Club of Australia (BOCA). She authored many books including two with Tess Kloot (Garden Birds of South-East Australia and Birds of Australian Gardens) and lectured and ran tours for the CAE (Council for Adult Education, Melbourne) for over ten years. Some of McCulloch's many other activities and contributions to Australian ornithology include: volunteer work at the ornithology department of the National Museum of Victoria with Allan McEvey for sixteen years, an inaugural member of the Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union Field Investigations Committee, she was instrumental in the establishment of the Land for Wildlife project (Victorian Fisheries and Wildlife division), was a non-government advisor on the Australia-Japan protection for migratory birds protection scheme, a member of the Royal Melbourne Institute of technology experimental ethics committee, BOCA delegate to the Department of Conservation, Forests and Lands, organized bird and butterfly surveys, and was a member of the advisory committee of the Australian Bird Environment Foundation. In 1991 Ellen McCulloch received the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for her outstanding contributions to ornithology.



1963 -
Career position - Member of the Bird Observers Club of Australia
1975 - c. 1982
Career position - Honorary Secretary of the Bird Observers Club of Australia
Career position - Birds in Victoria from 1770-1978 exhibition held at Ripponlea (Victoria)
Award - BOCA life membership received
Career position - Your Garden Birds published
Award - Australian Natural History Medallion
Award - Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) received
Career position - Birds in Your Garden published

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