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Biographical entry Meyrick, Edward (1854 - 1938)


24 November 1854
31 March 1938
Entomologist and Teacher


Edward Meyrick was an entomologist with a passion for Microlepidoptera (butterflies and moths (miniature)). He is believed to have collected more specimens then anyone else and his collection of around 100,000 specimens is housed at the British Museum of Natural history. Meyrick spent about ten years in Australia teaching classics in Sydney and collecting insects in many parts of Australia and New Zealand. He was also a prolific writer and published over fifty articles in leading Australian and international journals.



Education - Bachelor of Arts (BA) completed at Canterbury University
1877 - ?
Career position - Classics Teacher at Sydney Grammar School
1880 -
Award - Fellow of the Royal Entomology Society of London (FRES)
Career position - Systemic collecting of moths and butterflies (Lepidoptera) at Mt Kosciusko, New South Wales
Career position - Collecting expeditions to Tasmania and Western Australia
Life event - Returned to England and to teaching classics
1902 -
Career position - Corresponding member of the Linnean Society of New South Wales
1904 -
Award - Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS)

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See also

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