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Holgate, Alan; Taplin, Geoff
Monash, Anderson, Transport and Communication 1894-1914
Eleventh National Conference on Engineering Heritage: Federation Engineering a Nation; Proceedings
Institution of Engineers, Australia, Barton, Australian Capital Territory, 2001, pp. 153-156

This paper presents an image of transport and communications around the time of Federation, drawn from the experience of John Monash and J. T. N. Anderson, who were consultants in civil and mechanical engineering, and designed and constructed projects in the fields of mining, water resources and structures. Monash represented clients in wide-ranging legal cases. Based in Melbourne, the partners were surprisingly mobile, utilising ships, trains, coaches, horses and, in Anderson's case, the bicycle. Due to the need to minimise haulage of steel and cement by wagon, exploitation of their monopoly on Monier reinforced concrete in Victoria was shaped by the nature of the railway system, except when coastal locations could be supplied by steamer. Technical assistance from Gummow Forrest & Co. in Sydney involved regular visits across state boundaries. Monash's later work extended briefly to Tasmania, and more importantly to South Australia where he supervised a company which prospered before WW1. The telegraph and then the telephone were important for urgent communication, but mail remained the prime method throughout the period.

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