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Phillip Garth Law in Antarctica, courtesy of National Library of Australia Manuscript Collection.

Phillip Garth Law in Antarctica
Archival Source
Phillip Garth Law - Records, 1940 - 1980, MS 9458; National Library of Australia Manuscript Collection. Details

A large collection of personal records including: personal and biographical material 1932-1987 (6 boxes); diaries of his voyages 1947-1966; small diaries and pocket diaries for overseas trips 1944-1983; lectures, talks and broadcasts 1940s-1983 (8 boxes); manuscripts for books and articles 1940s-1980s (4 boxes); Antarctic correspondence 1948-1986 (8 boxes); general correspondence 1941-1987 (8 boxes); Anatarctic photographs 1947-1987; family and general photographs 1914-1987; institutional photographs 1941-1980; scrapbooks and scrapbook material 1947-1987; audio tapes 1970-1988. A detailed guide to the collection is available from the Australian Science Archives Project.

Published Source
Morgan, Helen, McCarthy, Gavan; Manhal, Oscar, Phillip Garth Law Guide to Records, Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre, Melbourne, August 1999, Details
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