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Corporate entry Australian Welding Institute (1929 - )

20 August 1929
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


In August 1929, the Victorian Institute of Welding Engineers became the Australian Welding Institute. Committees were subsequently formed in Queensland, and New South Wales.


In 1929, the Institute considered that its "new name is well chosen, as the Register of the Institute now includes the names of members in every State of the Australian Commonwealth. From all parts of Australia, engineers, who are interested in welding, are communicating with the Institute in their endeavour to make better use of welding and to secure contact with fellow-engineers who have made welding their particular study".

From August 1929, Vol.3, No.8, the Mechanical and Welding Engineer became the official organ of the Australian Welding Institute.

The journal, changing its name to The Modern Engineer from December 1932, Vol.6, No.12, when it became the official organ of: Association of Charge Engineers (Aust.); Australian Institute of Automotive Engineers; Australian Welding Institute; and Melbourne University Metallurgical Society.

The Modern Engineer ceased publication in November 1951.


 c. 1925 - 1929 Victorian Institute of Welding Engineers
       1929 - Australian Welding Institute

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