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Corporate entry Diabetes Australia (1957 - )

Alternative Names
  • Australia Diabetes Foundation (ADF) (Former name, 1957 - 1987)


Diabetes Australia was originally founded in 1957 as the Diabetes Federation of Australia (DFA) at a meeting of pre-existing state-based Diabetes associations from New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania. The Diabetes Associations of Western Australia and Queensland did not join Diabetes Australia until the 1960s, in 1971 the Canberra Diabetes Association joined. The State and Territory Diabetes Associations served as self-help, support, advocacy and educational groups for people with diabetes, at risk of diabetes, or caring for someone with diabetes. Diabetes Australia was established to represent these groups at a national level and to the International Diabetes Federation.


In 1983 the Diabetes Federation of Australia (DFA) merged with the Australian Diabetes Society (ADS), founded in 1973, to form the Australian Diabetes Foundation (ADF). In 1987 the Australian Diabetes Foundation changed its name to Diabetes Australia. The state, territory, and other member organisations of Diabetes Australia operate independently from Diabetes Australia apart from their administration of the National Diabetes Service Scheme (NDSS).

The National Diabetes Service Scheme (NDSS) is an Australian Federal Government Scheme in administered by Diabetes Australia and state and territory-based Diabetes organisations, it was established in 1987. It provides information, services, and subsidised products to support people living with, at risk of, or caring for someone with diabetes.

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  • Martin, F. I. R., A History of Diabetes in Australia, Miranova Publishers, Melbourne, 1998, 186 pp. Details

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