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Corporate entry Bureau of Agricultural Economics (1945 - 1987)

Department of War Organisation of Industry, Commonwealth of Australia

Alternative Names
  • Division of Agricultural Economics
Reference No
CA 983
Legal Status
Agency of the Commonwealth of Australia
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia


The Bureau of Agricultural Economics was established on 1 August 1945 and sat within the Federal Government Department of War Organisation of Industry then the Government Department of Post-War Reconstruction. In 1946 the Bureau of Agricultural Economics was renamed the Division of Agricultural Economics and transferred to the Department of Commerce and Agriculture. It would later revert to its original name: the Bureau of Agricultural Economics before it was merged in 1987 with the Bureau of Resource Economics and became the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics. Its original functions where related to land settlements of ex-military personnel, to implement the recommendations of the Rural Reconstruction Commission, by the 1980s the focus had shifted to the economic potential of Australian agricultural products, monitoring the impact of economic developments on agriculture and providing reports, policy advice and information to various Government departments and bodies on economics and agriculture.

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