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Biographical entry Reye, Ralph Douglas Kenneth (1912 - 1977)

5 April 1912
Townsville, Queensland, Australia
16 July 1977
North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


Ralph Reye was a pathologist whose name has been applied to several childhood conditions. He was the first to describe what are referred to as Reyeoma I and Reyeoma II, malignant subdermal fibrous tumours of infancy and the cytoplasmic inclusions in the recurring fibromas. With colleagues he published on encephalopathy and fatty degeneration of the viscera, known as Reye's Syndrome, and on renal artery stenosis in the rubella syndrome, the first time this had been recognized. As Director of Pathology at the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children in Sydney for over 30 years, Reye appointed specialists in fields such as haematology and virology, and established a cryogenics laboratory.



Education - MB BS, University of Sydney
1939 - 1941
Career position - Pathologist, Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children, Sydney
1941 - 1946
Career position - Acting Director of Pathology, Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children, Sydney
Education - MD, University of Sydney
1946 - 1977
Career position - Director of Pathology, Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children, Sydney
1965 - 1977
Award - Fellow, Royal Australasian College of Physicians

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  • Hamilton, D. G., Hand in hand: the story of the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children, John Ferguson, Sydney, 1979, 338 pp. Details

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