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Biographical entry Maslin, Bruce (1946 - )

3 May 1946
Bridgetown, Western Australia, Australia


Bruce Maslin is an expert in the genus Acacia, including its taxonomy, phylogeny, biogeography, utilisation, and phytochemistry. He has described c.350 new species Australian and wrote the volume on Acacia for the Flora of Australia. Maslin made a substantial contribution to efforts to unravel the phylogenetic structure of Acacia which resulted in the recognition that, as traditionally circumscribed, it consists of 5 monophyletic groups the largest of which is Australian. He was heavily involved in he process and negotiations that resulted in the name Acacia being conserved with an Australian type. The revised edition of his interactive identification guide WATTLE - Acacias of Australia was issued in 2014. Maslin is the founder and manager of the World Wide Wattle website.



Career event - Joined the Western Australian Herbarium
1968 - 1970
Career event - Service with the Australian Army
1977 - 1978
Career position - Australian Botanical Liaison Officer, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Award - Nancy Burbidge Medal, Australian Systematic Botany Society
Career position - Honorary Research Associate, Western Australian Herbarium
Life event - Retired from the Western Australian Herbarium

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Published resources


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Conference Papers

  • Curry, Suzanne; Maslin, Bruce, 'Cunningham's Collecting Localities While Botanist on Lieutenant Phillip Parker King's Survey of Coastal Australia, December 1817 to April 1822', in Short, P.S. (ed.), History of Systematic Botany in Australasia: Proceedings of a Symposium Held at the University of Melbourne, 25-27 May 1988, Australian Systematic Botany Society, Melbourne, 1990, pp. 137-148. Details

Journal Articles

  • Barker, Bill, 'Nancy Burbidge Medal Presented to Bruce Maslin', Australasian Systematic Botany Society Newsletter, vol. 153, 2012, pp. 24-5. Details
  • Maslin, Bruce, 'Nancy Burbidge Memorial Speech: Bruce Maslin, 23 September 2012', Australasian Systematic Botany Society Newsletter, vol. 153, 2012, pp. 25-30. Details


See also

  • Kull, Christian A. and Rangan, Haripriya, 'Science, sentiment and territorial chauvinism in the acacia name change debate', Terra Australis, vol. 34, 2012, pp. 197-219. Details

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