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Biographical entry Steane, Dorothy A.

Dr (PhD)

Eucalypt geneticist and Plant evolutionary biologist


Dorothy Steane has worked as a research scientist at the University of Tasmania. Her research has a strong focus on the phylogeny, population genetics and evolution of eucalypts (family Myrtaceae), but she has also pursued molecular phylogenetic studies of other plant families including Lamiaceae, Ericaceae, Rutaceae and Orchidaceae. She has been a pioneer of new molecular markers for studying eucalypt evolution and in 2005 published the complete sequence of the chloroplast genome of the Tasmanian Blue Gum, Eucalyptus globulus, the first such genome published for any eucalypt. Dorothy Steane has published prolifically as author and co-author; only a selection of her articles are listed here.



Education - Bachelor of Science (Honours), First Class, University of Melbourne
Award - Rhodes Scholarship
1995 -
Career position - Senior Research Fellow, University of Tasmania
Education - PhD, Oxford University
Award - Irene Manton Prize, Linnean Society of London

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Journal Articles

  • Byrne M, Steane DA, Joseph L, Yeates DK, Jordan GJ, Crayn D et al., 'Decline of a biome: evolution, contraction, fragmentation, extinction and invasion of the Australian mesic zone biota.', Journal of Biogeography, 38 (2011), 1635-1656. Details
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  • Steane, DA; West, AK; Potts, BM; Ovenden, JR and Reid, JB, 'Restriction fragment length polymorphisms in chloroplast DNA from six species of eucalyptus', Australian Journal of Botany, 39 (1991), 399-414. Details


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