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Corporate entry Kings Park and Botanic Garden (1872 - )

West Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Conservation or Environment
West Perth, Western Australia


Most of the area now designated as Kings Park and Botanic Garden was set aside for 'public purposes' in 1829 by Lieutenant Governor James Stirling and Surveyor General John Septimus Roe. An additional 175 hectares was added in 1872, and in 1890 more land was added again, bringing it up to its current size of 400 hectares.

Further development of the park under John Forrest, Premier of Western Australia, occurred between 1892 to 1895, when the park was named 'The Perth Park'. The name was changed in 1901 to 'Kings Park' to mark the accession of King Edward VII to the British throne.

The Botanic Garden opened in 1965. With a focus on local flora, it shows the phenomenal diversity of Western Australian wildflowers growing nowhere else on earth.

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  • Erickson, Dorothy, A Joy Forever: the Story of Kings Park and Botanic Garden , Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority, West Perth , 2009, 360 pp. Details

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  • Keighery, Greg, 'Grosvenor Selk - Kings Park Curator and Volunteer', Australian Systematic Botany Society Newsletter, no. 142, 2010, pp. 6-8. Details

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