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Biographical entry Norrie, James Smith (1820 - 1883)

London, United Kingdom


James Norrie studied medicine at St. Thomas' Hospital in London; science and principles of analytical chemistry at King's College in London and chemical training in the laboratory of John and Jacob Bell (founder of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain). Norrie was an early member of the Chemical Society of London and migrated to Australia in 1840. There he set himself up as an analyst, assayer and druggist. He also practised medicine and dentistry, and set up as a photographer and supplier of photographic materials.



1840 -
Career position - Worked as an analyst and assayer and established his own druggist business
Life event - Migrated to Australia (Sydney)
1844 - 1871
Career position - Carried out forensic work for the Government
Career position - Gave public lectures in chemistry.

Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions

Journal Articles

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