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Biographical entry Roth, Henry Ling (1855 - 1925)

3 February 1855
London, England
12 May 1925
Leeds, England
Anthropologist and Museum curator


Henry Roth spent several years in Queensland 1878-1884, reporting widely on the sugar industry. He wrote "The Tasmanian Aborigines", an encyclopaedic work which remained the basic source until 1966. He left Australia in 1884 and set up a business in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK and was also first the part-time then full-time curator of the Bankfield Museum.



1876 - 1877
Career position - Timber merchant in Russia
1878 - 1884
Career position - Investigated and reported on the sugar industry in Queensland
1881 - 1884
Career position - Honorary Secretary to the Mackay Planters' Association
Life event - Left Australia
Career position - The Tasmanian Aborigines written
1890 - 1912
Career position - Curator (part-time) at Bankfield Museum
1912 - 1924
Career position - Curator at Bankfield Museum

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