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Biographical entry McMillan, Angus (1810 - 1865)

14 August 1810
Glenbrittle, Isle of Skye, Scotland
18 May 1865
Iguana Creek, Victoria, Australia
Explorer and Pastoralist


Angus McMillan was an explorer and pastoralist who had an early role in opening Gippsland, Victoria, to settlement and economic enterprise. Between 1839 and 1841 he made several excursions in unexplored areas of Gippsland, discovering extensive land of grazing potential and naming the watercourses that he crossed. In the 1850s he occasionally accompanied Ferdinand Mueller in his explorations in Gippsland. McMillan became a squatter, establishing an large property "Bushy Park" on the Avon River. This was initially successful but by 1861 much of the land had to be sold. McMillan's last exploration started in 1864, surveying and clearing tracks around Omeo and Dargo in support of local mining operations. McMillan was for a short time an elected member of Victoria's Legislative Assembly. He was a member of the Philosophical Institute of Victoria and its successor, the Royal Society of Victoria, and was a member of the Society's Exploration Committee.



Life event - Settled in Australia
1854 - 1855
Career position - Member, Victorian Institute for the Advancement of Science
1855 - 1859
Career position - Member, Philosophical Institute of Victoria
1858 - 1859
Career position - Member, Exploration Committee of the Philosophical Institute of Victoria
1859 - 1862
Career position - Member, Exploration Committee of the Royal Society of Victoria
1859 - 1865
Career position - Member, Royal Society of Victoria
October 1859 - November 1860
Career position - Member for South Gippsland, Legislative Assembly, Victorian Parliament

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Royal Historical Society of Victoria Inc

  • Angus McMillan - Records, 1837 - 1856, MSS 4; Royal Historical Society of Victoria Inc. Details

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  • Daley, Charles, 'Angus McMillan', Victorian Historical Magazine, vol. 11, 1926. Details


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