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Biographical entry Whittell, Hubert Massey (1883 - 1954)

24 March 1883
Stratford, Essex, England
7 February 1954
Nannup, Western Australia, Australia
Ornithologist and Farmer


Hubert Whittell migrated to Western Australia in 1926 and set up a dairy and orchard in Bridgetown. He joined the RAOU in 1929 and was an active member until his death. He published articles and books and his major work was The Literature of Australian Birds (1954).


Born Stratford, Essex, England, 24 March 1883. Died Nannup, Western Australia, 7 February 1954. OBE 1920. Educated India, Germany and England, and studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh 1899-1902. Commissioned as an Army Officer 1904; 56th Punjabi Rifles, Indian Army from 1907; served in France, Belgium and Egypt during World War I; promoted to major 1919; migrated to Western Australia 1926; set up an orchard and dairy farm at Bridgetown. Wrote A Handbook of the Birds of Western Australia (1948, 1951, with D.L. Serventy), A Systematic List of the Birds of Western Australia (1948, with D.L. Serventy) and The Literature of Australian Birds (1954). President, Royal Australasian Ornithologists' Union 1941-43. Keen conservationist who served on the State Fauna Protection Advisory Committee from 1946. Prepared bird skins for G.M. Mathews, who named Pachyptila salvini whittelli in his honour. Whittel [sic] Island, north-west of Perth, is named after him.

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Archival resources

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Published resources


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See also

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