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Biographical entry Taylor, Thomas Griffith (1880 - 1963)


1 December 1880
Walthamstow, Essex, England
5 November 1963
Manly, New South Wales, Australia
Geographer and Meteorologist


Thomas Taylor was senior geologist to the British Antarctic expedition 1910-1913 under R.F. Scott. He was Associate Professor of Geography, University of Sydney 1920-1928, and then professor at the Universities of Chicago 1928-1935 and Toronto 1935-1951. In 1913 he and E.T. Quayle wrote the first text-book on Australian meteorology Climate and Weather of Australia.



1910 - 1913
Career position - Senior Geologist, R. F. Scott British Antarctic Expedition
Career position - Climate and Weather of Australia co-authored with E.T. Quayle
1920 - 1928
Career position - Associate Professor of Geography, The University of Sydney, Australia
1928 - 1935
Career position - Professor of Geography, The University of Chicago, United States of America
1935 - 1951
Career position - Professor of Geography, The University of Toronto, Canada
1954 -
Award - Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science (FAA)

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