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Biographical entry Mills, Bernard Yarnton (1920 - 2011)


8 August 1920
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
26 April 2011
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Physicist and Radioastronomer


Bernard Mills was internationally recognised as a pioneer of radio astronomy. He is noted for his work with the "Mills Cross" telescope and the development of the Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope (MOST) which led to the discovery of some of the first pulsars in the southern hemisphere. Mills was Professor of Astrophysics, University of Sydney 1965-1985 and earlier Reader 1960-1965. As a Senior Principal Research Officer in the Division of Radiophysics, CSIRO 1957-1960, he helped design and build the Mills Cross Radiotelescope, Hoskinstown, New South Wales.


Born 8 August 1920. Fellow, Australian Academy of Science 1959, Fellow, Royal Society 1963.


Education - BSc, University of Sydney
Education - BEng, University of Sydney
Education - MEng, University of Sydney
1956 - 2011
Award - Fellow, Royal Astronomical Society, United Kingdom
Award - Thomas Ranken Lyle Medal, Australian Academy of Science
1957 - 1960
Career position - Senior Principal Research Officer, CSIRO Division of Radio Physics
Education - DSc Engineering, University of Sydney
1959 - 2011
Award - Fellow, Australian Academy of Science
1960 - 1965
Career position - Reader in astrophysics, University of Sydney
1963 - 2011
Award - Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS), England
1965 - 1985
Career position - Professor of Physics (astrophysics), University of Sydney
Award - Encyclopaedia Britannica Australian Award for Science
1969 - 1971
Career position - Member of Council, Australian Academy of Science
Award - Companion of the Order of Australia (AC)
Life event - Retired
1985 - 2011
Career position - Emeritus Professor, University of Sydney
Award - Grote Reber Medal for Radio Astronomy, administered by Queen Victoria Museum, Launceston

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