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Biographical entry Schleinitz, Georg Gustav Freiherr Von (1834 - 1910)

17 June 1834
Bromberg, Prussia
12 December 1910
Saxony, Germany
Hydrographer and Governor


Georg von Schleinitz entered the Prussian Navy in 1849 and spent much of the next forty years exploring the South Pacific. From 1874 to 1875 he sailed to the Kerguelen Islands, New Guinea, Melanesia, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa collecting anthropological data on the way. In 1880 he was put in charge of the Admiralty Hydrographical Office and began documenting his past expeditions. The work was eventually published as Die Forschungsreise S.M.S. 'Gazelle' in den Jahren 1874 bis 1876 unter Kommando des Kapitän zur See Freiherrn von Schleinitz - a five volume set published between 1889 and 1890. von Schleinitz resigned from the navy in February 1886 and went to New Guinea as the first governor of the protectorate of the New Guinea Co. He became the first European to bring labourers from the New Guinea islands to work on the mainland (Kaiser Wilhelmsland / Papua New Guinea) and together they built new towns. von Schleinitz also established a shipping service and carried out more scientific expeditions, including one up the Sepik River in 1887.



1849 - 1886
Career position - Entered the Prussian Navy
1874 - 1876
Career position - Commander of the imperial corvette Gazelle and explored the Pacific and beyond
c. 1880 - 1886
Career position - Head of the Admiralty Hydrographical Office
1886 - 1888
Career position - First governor (Landeshauptmann) of the protectorate of the New Guinea Co.
Life event - Returned to Berlin and retired due to ill health

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