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Corporate entry AMRAD Corporation Limited (1986 - 2005)

Kew, Victoria, Australia
1 December 2005
Pharmaceuticals or Medical Aids and Medical Research
Reference No
ABN: 37 006 614 375
576 Swan Street Richmond, Victoria 3121


AMRAD Corporation Limited was established in 1986. AMRAD is a biotechnology research and development company, whose founding shareholders were four Melbourne-based medical research institutes. The company is based in Melbourne and employs around fifty people. From their Web site, June 2002: "Amrad's core business is the research and development (R&D) of innovative medicines to treat human diseases. Amrad's in-house pharmaceutical R&D expertise is focussed on three key areas: infectious diseases, neurological disease, and allergy and inflammation."

In December 2005 AMRAD became known as Zenyth Therapeutics Limited.

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