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Corporate entry Sheldon Drug Company Pty Ltd (1904 - )

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Health Industry
Reference No
ABN 19 000 021 170
Sydney, New South Wales


The Sheldon Drug Company was established in 1904. The Company are manufacturing chemists and their products include cosmetic and toilet preparations. Up until 1929 Sheldon were manufacturers of Rexona products - Unilever has since bought the rights to produce these products. Sheldon Drug Company remained registered with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission in 2006.


 1904 - Sheldon Drug Company Pty Ltd
       1908 - 1989 Rexona Pty Company
             1989 - 1993 L & K: Rexona
                   1993 - 2000 Lever Rexona
                         2000 - Unilever Australasia

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