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Corporate entry Queensland Railways (QR) (2001 - )

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Advisory or regulatory body and Rail Industry
Brisbane, Queensland


Queensland Railways was established in 1865. The corporation is owned by the Queensland State Government. From their Web site, August 2001, "QR is a State Government-owned Corporation. QR's shareholders are the people of Queensland, represented by the Treasurer and the Minister for Transport and Main Roads. As one of the State's biggest employers with around 13,700 staff and an operating revenue around $2 billion, QR administers Australia's largest rail network with customers ranging from commuters, tourists and freight businesses to mining and agricultural industries."


 1865 - ? Queensland Railways
       ? - 2001 Queensland Rail
             2001 - Queensland Railways (QR)

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  • Frost, David B., 'The Revitalisation of Queensland Railways Through Export Coal Shipments', Journal of Transport History, vol. 5, no. 2, 1984, pp. 47-56. Details

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