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Corporate entry Australian Society for Immunology (1985 - 1988)

Parkville, Victoria, Australia
Association and Society or membership organisation
Parkville, Victoria


The change of name of the Australian Society of Immunology, in 1985, resulted in the formation of the Australian Society for Immunology. In 1986 the Society began sponsorship of the journal Immunology and Cell Biology. The Society became incorporated in 1988, giving the Society Legal status and preventing legal action form being taken against individuals, rather than the Society. Therefore from 1988 the Society was known as the Australian Society for Immunology Inc.


 1970 - 1972 Australian Society of Immunologists
       1972 - 1985 Australian Society of Immunology
             1985 - 1988 Australian Society for Immunology
                   1988 - 1992 Australian Society for Immunology Inc
                         1992 - Australasian Society for Immunology Inc

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  • Cheers, C., 'Australian Society for Immunology in the 1980s', Immunology and Cell Biology, vol. 69, no. 5, 1991, pp. 317-321. Details

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