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Griffiths, Gwyn and Walton, David W. H., eds
A Century of Discovery: Antarctic Exploration and the Southern Ocean
Archives of Natural History
vol. 32, no. 2, 2005, pp. 127-414
History of Natural Sciences

Papers presented at an interntional symposium, held at the Southampton Oceanography Centre, 28-30 June 2004. Contents include: G. E. FOGG, 'A Century of Antarctic Science: Planning and Serendipity'; R. MARSDEN, 'Discovery Investigations: an Early Attempt at Ecologically Sustainable Development?'; A. L. RICE, 'Discovery at Sea: a Heady Mix of cientists, Ships and Sailors'; W. L. FOX, 'Terra Antarctica: a History of Cognition and Landscape'; P. S. RAINBOW, 'From Natural History to Biodiversity: Collections of Discovery'; R. L. CAMERON,' The Foundations of Antarctic Glaciology'; E. L. MILLS, 'From Discovery to Discovery: the Hydrology of the Southern Ocean, 1885-1937'; S. A. CUNNINGHAM,' Couthern Ocean Circulation'; M. V. ANGEL, 'Southern Ocean Pelagic Ecosystems'; I. EVERSON, 'Southern Ocean Pelagic Ecosystems: the Era of Conservaton'; M. WALKER, ' Antarctic Meteorology and Climatology: an Unfolding Story of Discovery'; A. McCONNELL, 'Surveying Terrestrial Magnetism in Time and Space'; M. R. A. THOMPSON and A. P. M. VAUGHAN, 'The Role of Antarctica in the Development of Plate Tectonic Theories: from Scott to the Present'.

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