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Andrews, W C; Shellshear, W; Cooper, I; Pascoe, L; Morison, I; Price, C J; Dalgarno, K J; Minty, A E; Jones, H A; Clark, P; Yonge, P; Corbett, A H; Cooke, T H; Leslie, R; Dalgleish, R P S; Taylder, A E; Downey, K E; Connal, J K.
Canberra's engineering heritage: Second Edition
Institution of Engineers, Australia, Canberra Division, Barton, Australian Capital Territory, 1990, 242 pp

The book has been written for both the engineer and the general reader. The primary aim has been to record the progressive development of this region from the first visit of Europeans in 1820 to the present, with particular regard to the roles of engineers in that development: roles which cover numerous branches, from construction of the earliest roads and bridges to work in outer space. Basic technical data has been provided with ample references to further information available elsewhere. The human element has not been overlooked, with the inclusion of anecdotes and stories revealing the attitudes and foibles of some of those involved in the planning and development of what are now our heritage items.