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O'Neill, Brian J.; Sandie, Bruce R.
The Hoffman Brick and Tile Company Melbourne, Australia
Transactions of Multi-disciplinary Engineering, Australia
Description of Work
Paper presented at the Second Australasian Conference on Engineering Heritage (2000 : Auckland)
vol. GE26, Engineers Australia, Barton, Australian Capital Territory, 2002, pp. 71-79

The Hoffman Brick and Tile Company, Melbourne, Australia, pioneered the use of continuously fired brick kilns in Australia in the 1870's. Part of the brickworks continued in use until 1993. The site is now to be redeveloped and contains the last 19thC brick kilns in Victoria and some old buildings and brick making machinery. Some heritage components are to be preserved as part of the redevelopment. This paper outlines the historical significance of the site and the condition of the remnants, concludes that preservation of some components is important, and discusses some engineering and commercial problems associated with their preservation.