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Scott, D. R.
Laurence J. Hartnett and the Holden Car
Engineering Heritage Matters: Conference Papers of the 12th National Conference on Engineering Heritage, Toowoomba, 29 September to 1 October 2003
Sheridan, Norman
Engineers Australia, Barton, Australian Capital Territory, 2003, pp. 152-163

Sir Laurence Hartnett Kt CBE FIEAust, an Englishman and employee of General Motors Corporation was sent to this country in 1934 to rescue General Motors Holden. He was subsequently appointed Managing Director of GM-H. In time he became the confidante of four Prime Ministers from Lyons to Sir Robert Menzies playing a major role in this country's economic development. Without his ingenuity, enthusiasm and political nouse there would not have been an Australian car for many years after 1948. Without the Holden, Australia would not have enjoyed the prosperity of the 1950s. The post-war demand for cars could not have been met without a severe drain on our overseas funds. In spite of his rejection by the General Motors Corporation, Hartnett was honoured with a knighthood by the Australian government m 1967 for services to this country both in peacetime and in war. In addition he was awarded the Star of Singapore by that country and finally an Honorary Doctorate of Laws by the University of Melbourne.

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