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Parker, Mary
No budget?: No worries! A guide to celebrating heritage in an innovative and affordable way
17th Engineering Heritage Conference: Canberra 100 - Building the Capital, Building the Nation
Engineers Australia, Barton, Australian Capital Territory, 2013, pp. 120-125

How does an organisation or entity share and celebrate its heritage with a minimal cash outlay? VicRoads had the challenging and exciting role of celebrating an important milestone of a well recognised organisation during a time of uncertainty about the future... with very little budget. This paper explains how heritage can be celebrated using innovative collaborations with the community and private sectors. It also demonstrates how to use existing social media channels to reach new audiences. Covers: - Getting a commemorative publication on no cost - Ways to use regional and metropolitan media to raise awareness of engineering heritage - How to find free/low cost software to set up an interactive historical timeline - How $70,000 was raised through private sponsorship to frame and freight historic archive images to regional museums across Victoria - How to get industry partner to host events and cover marketing, administration and catering costs - How to use social media channels like 'Pinterest' and 'HistoryPin' to share engineering heritage.

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