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McKinley, Andrew; Barnard, Jill; Gronow, Jeremy
Princes pier - gateway to the nation
17th Engineering Heritage Conference: Canberra 100 - Building the Capital, Building the Nation
Engineers Australia, Barton, Australian Capital Territory, 2013, pp. 1-11

Princes Pier, one of the Port Melbourne piers, has played key roles in maritime transport and historical events including both world wars and post war migration that have shaped and built Australia as a nation. These events have held extraordinary significance both to our nation's identity and to the wider global community. Not only was it a crucial link in sea transport that provided goods and materials as Australia was building itself as a nation, for many people Princes Pier was the first or last part of this country they saw. Supported by over 5000 timber piles, it is one of the largest timber piled structures in the southern hemisphere. Together with Station Pier, it played a crucial role in the Port of Melbourne for much of the twentieth century. Princes Pier's significance was recognised when it was added to the Victorian Heritage Register in March 1995 with the highest category of heritage listing. Almost one hundred years since the first ship left from Princes Pier for World War I, it has recently been revitalised and reopened as a new and exciting public space on the waterfront.

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