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Gamble, Bruce R.; Stewart, Ian W.
Auckland's Electric Tramway Heritage - Celebrating 100 Years
Second Australasian Conference on Engineering Heritage, Auckland, 14-16 February, 2000: Proceedings
Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand, Auckland, New Zealand, 2000, pp. 103-110

At its inception (1899-1902) Auckland's electrified transport system was the largest municipal engineering project undertaken in New Zealand and the only large tramway in the country built by private enterprise. However, the electric tramway era in Auckland (1902-1956) has passed with little published recognition of its engineering significance. This paper traces the early conception and design. We examine the sources of engineering expertise and the problems that were solved, including project management and construction methods. The growth of the system and its impact on Auckland are described briefly. We conclude that the remaining artifacts (including the Western Springs Tramway at MOTAT), documentary archives and skills are important historical, educational and technical resources. These resources are fragile but at present there is no mechanism in New Zealand that will ensure preservation of this heritage.

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