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Dwyer, M. R.
Engineers' Papers: An Undervalued Historical Source
Fifth National Conference on Engineering Heritage 1990: Interpreting Engineering Heritage; Preprints of Papers
Institution of Engineers, Australia, Western Australian Division, Perth, Western Australia, 1990, pp. 29-34

The aim of this paper is to draw attention to the heritage value of unpublished paper records of Australia's engineers with emphasis on documents other than plans, drawings, photographs and blueprints. These documents include correspondence, diaries, and other papers created by the engineer in private life as well as working papers, correspondence and other records arising from the engineer's technical work. The potential value of preserving such personal archives in an archival-repository, to enable future generations of Australians to interpret their engineering heritage, will be illustrated by reference to the papers, now in the University of Sydney Archives, of W.H. Warren (1852-1926), S.H.E. Barraclough (1874-1958) and T.D.J. Leech (1902-73). Experience at the University Archives leads to the conclusion that significant resources for the interpretation of Australia's engineering heritage would become available if the preservation of archivally valuable papers of engineers and engineering was less due to accident and more to design.

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