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Atkinson, D. S. F.
Development of the Melbourne Engineerium
Second National Conference on Engineering Heritage ‘The Value of Engineering Heritage’: Preprints of Papers
Institution of Engineers, Australia, Barton, ACT, 1985, pp. 52-56

The Melbourne Steam Traction Engine Club plans to establish a museum - The Melbourne Engineerium for the display of working examples of historic steam plant, internal combustion engines and associated equipment. The museum will have a strong engineering orientation and there will be a logical historical progression to reflect significant developments in design and manufacture. Installation of the engines and provision of services to enable them to be operated readily will necessitate a more sophisticated design than found in conventional museums. Two sites in the Dandenong Valley Metropolitan Park are being discussed with the Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works. The larger site is preferred by the club as it will enable greater flexibility, engines could be displayed by type in separate buildings and ploughing and similar demonstrations could be conducted regularly.

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