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Archival Resources Details Joseph Edmund Carne - Records

Joseph Edmund Carne - Records
National Library of Australia Manuscript Collection
MS 2609
Date Range
1911 - 1914

Papers of Joseph E. Carne, Government Geologist of New South Wales, containing reports of investigations into coal and oil deposits in Papua New Guinea. Includes a diary covering the period from 30 Dec. 1911 to 20 Sept. 1912; a letter to Carne from T. W. E. David, dated 3 May 1912; two newspaper cuttings relating to the search for oil in New Guinea; biographical notes received from Louisa F. Carne (6 p.); two photographs of J. E. Carne and Walter Mervyn Carne; Alan MacArthur Carne, "Field diary of cane collecting expedition to Papua, 1914" (Ms & Ts copy); letterbook & map of roads.

125 pages
Available for reference