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John Franklin - Records
National Library of Australia Manuscript Collection
MS 114
Date Range
1837 - 1859

Manuscript notes on a visit to South Australia, 1840. Manuscript diary of an overland tour to Sydney 1839. Extracts from letters to Sir John describing overland trip from Melbourne to Sydney, 1839 (manuscript copy). Extract from letter to her sister, Mrs. Simpkinson, describing visit to S.A., 1841, with an account of the Flinders memorial (4 p.). Sir John Franklin: manuscript copy of letter to Mrs. Simpkinson, 14 April 1839. Handwritten letter, 24 May 1842, to Count Strzelecki (4 p.) re. trip to Macquarie Harbour, 1842. Handwritten letter to Lady Franklin, 1 Jan. 1841 (6 p.). Handwritten letter, Launceston, Feb. 1837, to Sir Richard Bourke. Letter to his sister. One page from Ferguson Bibliography.

3 boxes (0.22 m)
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