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Archival Resources Details Alan John (Jock) Marshall - Records

Alan John (Jock) Marshall - Records
National Library of Australia Manuscript Collection
MS 7132
Date Range
1867 - 1973

A large collection of personal records including; personal and biographical material 1867-1973 (4 boxes); publications 1931-1973 (2 boxes); diaries and field notebooks 1929-60 (10 boxes); correspondence subject files group 1 mostly 1930s-40s (2 boxes); correspondence subject files group 2 mostly 1950s-60s (2 boxes); chronological correspondence files 1929-67 (2 boxes); records relating to World War II 1941-45 (2 boxes); records of the New Guinea, Spitsbergen and Jan Mayan Expeditions 1933-66 (2 boxes); Monash University correspondence 1960-67 (4 boxes); Monash University Subject files 1959-67 (4 boxes); articles for "The Australian" including press cuttings 1964-67 (1 box); book manuscripts and related correspondence 1942-71 (4 boxes); talks and radio broadcast manuscripts and correspondence 1937-67 (3 boxes); manuscripts for articles and book chapters 1933-65; lecture notes 1947-66 (1 box); press cuttings 1865, 1912-60 (4 boxes); scientific photographs 1930s-67 (3 boxes); portrait, family and personal photographs 1913-67 (2 boxes); personal correspondence 1943-64; various artefacts [Partly restricted, MS 7132]. A detailed guide to the collection is available from the Australian Science Archives Project.

Artwork, Objects and Photographs
55 boxes
Partly Restricted
Finding Aid

McCarthy, Gavan; Manhal, Oscar; King, Bill; Swancott, Leigh; Scillio, Mark; Walker, Rosanne, Alan John (Jock) Marshall Guide to Records, Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre, Melbourne, 2004, Details