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Thomas Harvey Johnston - Records
South Australian Museum Archives
164AAE and others
Date Range
1929 - 1931

Correspondence 1929-31 with Mawson when Johnston was editor of the 'Biological Reports of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911-14' [Series 164AAE]. The following are records created by Johnston as Chief Biologist on the British, Australian and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition 1929-31. Plankton register kept while on board "S.Y. Discovery" 1929-31 [1 volume, Series 8BZE]. Register of plants collected 1929-30 [20 pages, Series 9 BZE]. Oceanographic stations - records of observations taken by scientific staff 1929-30 [3 volumes, Series 10BZE]. Material distribution books recording the distribution of biological specimens c1932-40 [4 volumes, Series 13BZE]. Register of packed boxes recording the location of biological specimens 1930-31 [1 volume, 12BZE]. Diary of the journey on the "S.Y. Discovery" 1929-31 [1 volume, 15BZE]. Articles on Antarctic biology for press release 1929-31 [few items, Series 43BZE]. Correspondence with D. Mawson 1929 [few items, 52BZE]. Correspondence with D. Mawson regarding the biological reports for the expedition 1930-51 [1 box, 64BZE]. Mammal report 1930-33 and 1948 including publications, rough notes, newspaper cuttings and correspondence [1 packet, Series 65BZE]. Correspondence regarding biological specimen collection and reports 1932-51 [about 1 cm, Series 67BZE]. Inventory and despatch details regarding zoological and biological collections c1930-1950 [4 cm, Series 68BZE]. Correspondence with contributors to the biological reports 1933-51 [2 cm, Series 69BZE]. Editor's record of biological reports published 1936-51 [4 cm, Series 78BZE]. Whale and seal observations 1929-31 [4 cm, Series 81BZE].

16 volumes (0.15 m)
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