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Mary Booth - Records
National Library of Australia Manuscript Collection
MS 2864
Date Range
c. 1918 - 1979

The records include minutes of meetings of the Anzac Fellowship of Women, 1925-1928, 1931-1939, 1958-1962, 1965-1967, Secretary's reports 1924, correspondence, diaries, photographs, press clippings, publications and other material relating to the work of the Fellowship. The collection includes material from other associations also founded by Dr Mary Booth such as the Soldiers' Club and the Empire Service Clubs. The records of the Soldiers' Club, ca. 1918-ca. 1923 include day books, diaries, lists of members, report books and a staff time book. The Empire Service Club records include a minute book 1928-1940, register 1928, sketch book, lists of members, index to letters 1930-1936 and a petty cash book 1944.

3.8 m
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