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Collection Title
Frederick William George White - Records
Adolph Basser Library, Australian Academy of Science
MS 111
Date Range
1931 - 1993

Material relating to metric conversion; personal and biographical material, 1936-1993, including PhD thesis 'Some studies of the propagation of wireless waves, c.1931; CSIRO and radar material, 1926-1989; science related cassette tapes, including recordings of M. Oliphant, R. Hanbury Brown, R. G. Menzies and O. H. Frankel; science related activities and correspondence, including correspondence with C.H.B. Priestley and V.D. Burgmann 1977-1978; material relating to E. G. Bowen and memoir of Bowen published in Historical Records of Australian Science 9(2); Royal Society; Australian Academy of Science; Joint Academies Committee for the Projection of Prehistorical Places, 1979-1987; post-retirements committees; birdsong notebooks; publications by White on birds; degree and award certificates; correspondence and other papers; obituaries; Harry Minnett's memoir files.

13 boxes (2.23 m)
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'White, Frederick William George - Ms 111', in Listing of Adolph Basser Library holdings, Australian Academy of Science, 1994, Details