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Charles Sturt - Records
National Library of Australia Manuscript Collection
mfm M403
Date Range
1844 - 1848

Includes: letter of instructions from Governor George Grey, a schedule of men and animals proposed for Sturt's expedition with a list of provisions required; journal, 11 Aug. 1845 to 12 Jan. 1846, kept during the expedition; return of provisions and letter to Sturt 29 Jan. 1846 from Louis Piesse, the expedition's storekeeper; "Vocabulary of the dialect spoken by the Murray River tribes in South Australia, May 1844" and "Specimens of the language of the natives of the Upper Darling"; seven letters from the Colonial Secretary. A.M. Mundy, to Sturt July 1845-May 1847, concerning the expedition; drafts of notes by Sturt on the royalties from mines in South Australia and a draft of part of Sturt's Notice of the province of South Australia published with his Narrative. London, 1849; four drawings of landscapes and two charts 8) Letter, Feb. 1847, from Louis Piesse to Sturt; letter, Feb. 1848, about Sturt family matters.

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