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Collection Title
Albert Cherbury David Rivett - Records
Adolph Basser Library, Australian Academy of Science
MS 083
Date Range
1887 - 1961

A large collection of papers including material ranging from Rivett's student days, his career at the University of Melbourne, and Oxford 1907-10, his work for the British Ministry of Munitions during World War I, his return to Melbourne 1920-27, his work for CSIR/O 1927-59 including his work on the Advisory Council after 1950, and then to his death including: general correspondence 1919-59, diaries, personal material, manuscripts and typescripts of lectures and publications, journals and magazines, reports, addresses, editorials, parliamentary debates, work notes, press cuttings, photographs, degree and award certificates and various other materials; also documented is his association with the Australian National Research Council, the Second Pan-Pacific Sciences Conference 1923, the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science 1924-32, the Royal Society of Victoria 1931-34, the Society of Chemical Industry of Victoria 1931-34, the Imperial Chemical Industries' organizations in Australia and New Zealand 1930-56, the Canberra University College 1947, the Australian National University 1951-53, the Australian Academy of Science 1952-55; records of Rivett's research into extracting oil from coal 1931-36; negotiations dealing with his consideration of the post of Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne 1935; records of the attacks made on Rivett's administration of CSIR after World War II; overall dates 1907-61 [4.82 m, MS 83]. Records relating to the British Association for the Advancement of Science Australian Meeting 1914 comprising correspondence, notes, press cuttings, minutes financial statements, lists of participants, programmes and publications 1887-1931 [1.4 m, MS 83 2nd accession]. A detailed guide to the second accession is available from the Australian Science Archives Project.

40 boxes (4.21 m)
Available for reference
Finding Aid

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'Rivett, Albert Cherbury David - Ms 83', in Listing of Adolph Basser Library holdings, Australian Academy of Science, 1994, Details

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