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Collection Title
Albert Lloyd George Rees - Records
Adolph Basser Library, Australian Academy of Science
MS 109
Date Range
1951 - 1979

A large collection of personal records including personal and biographical materials 1935-78; publications; records relating to his work at the CSIR/O 1943-88; records relating to the Australian Academy of Science 1954-88; records relating to science broadcasting and the Australian Broadcasting Commission 1958-79; records relating to the Defence Science and Technology Organisation 1975-85; Royal Australian Chemical Institute 1966-78; Victoria Institute of Colleges 1970-90; Fluoridation Inquiry 1971-80; lectures 1937-78; research materials 1955-64; general correspondence and subject files 1928-88. Records relating to the administration of the Australian Academy of Science, 1962-78 including files relating to the Australian National Commission for Unesco 1973-77 and the Science and Industry Forum 1964-77; records relating to the International Council of Scientific Unions, 1958-77l records relating to the International Union of Crystallography 1958-69; and records relating to the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, 1951-79.

83 boxes (9.63 m)
Available for reference
Finding Aid

Rod; Gavan McCarthy; Mark Scillio with Lisa O'Sullivan Buchanan, Albert Lloyd George Rees Guide to Records, Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre, 2004, Details

Buchanan, Rod; McCarthy, Gavan; Scillio, Mark; O'Sullivan, Lisa, A Guide to the Records of Albert Lloyd George Rees, Australian Science Archives Project, Melbourne, 1993, 142 pp. Details