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Archival Resources Details Marcus Laurence Elwin Oliphant - Records

Marcus Laurence Elwin Oliphant - Records
Barr Smith Library, Special Collections, The University of Adelaide
92 04775p SR
Date Range
1896 - 1983

Comprehensive set of personal records including personal and professional correspondence 1927-83; speeches and addresses 1954-83; scrapbooks 1971-76; photographs 1927-83; certificates, medals, commissions, warrants and plaques 1949-80; doctoral thesis 1930; lecture notes 1930-36, 1947; various records relating to his war-time radar and uranium enrichment work 1938-45; sound and visual records 1949, 1958, c1967, 1977; publications including newspaper articles 1936-82; notes and mementos; articles and addresses by other scientists 1956-75; notebooks, reprints and correspondence of Lord Rutherford collected by Oliphant for "Rutherford Recollections"; the records principally document his career as Director of the School of Physical Sciences at ANU 1950-63 and as Governor of South Australia 1971-76; overall dates 1896-1974 [about 15 m, 92/04775p Strongroom].

Artwork, Audio, Film and Photographs
15 m
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Papers of Sir Mark Oliphant, 2000, Details